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Alfred Ricks Jr., M.D.


Benjamin Weiner, M.D.


From the desk of Alfred Ricks Jr., M.D.

Georgetown, Texas.

Dear Friends,


I've led such an incredibly blessed life.... and I'm so grateful for it. In the beginning of my medical career, my office produced very little money to sustain a medical practice. Patients were not flooding into my office. Some months, I was unable to pay the bills - both medical office overhead and personal debts. All that changed several years later......

The telephone call that changed my life.

To pay the bills, I not only worked in my medical clinic during the day, I began to moonlight at walk-in clinics, emergency rooms, and locum tenens. While this provided a predictable monthly income, it did not improve my office practice, and it did not help my attitude or my health. I was tired all the time and not enjoying the daily grind.


Who knew that answering the phone that day would change my life? On the other end of the phone was someone I had never met! The voice said "This Dr. Weiner. Is this Dr. Alfred Ricks"? After the introduction, he went on to say that my name was given to him as someone that would do locum tenens. He was going to Switzerland for two weeks and needed someone to cover his medical practice. "I only do a few days at a time because I can't leave my medical office for a longer period." Dr. Weiner said that maybe I could take a "vacation" and use that time to work in his medical office. He would pay me $$$ for the two weeks. His payment for two weeks was more than I made in a month at MY office, including the extra moonlighting work!


I arrived at his office bracing for two weeks of hard work for this amount of money. To my surprise, I had a steady flow of patients to see, but the number was not overwhelming. Patients were generally of a happy disposition and many only took a few minutes to see. The office staff kept everything running smoothly and the nurse took care of a few patients with non-medical problems.


I was very curious after that first day. How did he have a full patient load every day? How did everything run so smoothly? Why were patients and staff so happy and pleasant?  How could Dr. Weiner afford to go to Switzerland for two weeks, be out of his office for two weeks, and pay me more than I make in a month?


Over the next year, I covered Dr. Weiner's office for two weeks every two months. I actually only spent an hour with him the first time I went there. I took note of some of the things I noticed at his office and began to use them in my office. My medical office improved, but not like Dr. Weiner's office.


After a year, Dr. Weiner asked if I could come meet with him. I went to his home, and we sat down at his kitchen table. He wanted me to join his medical practice and on Day One I would own 50% of the office building and office income! Of course, I accepted and we didn't even sign any legal papers. It was a few years later that we signed formal documents, when we remodeled the office and the bank required them.


After two years, we decided that each of us would be in the office every other month. Our income continued to be 90% of the previous amount, but now we both only worked 6 months a year!


We briefly added another physician, but it didn't work out because he wouldn't adhere to our overall office program.


Dr. Weiner retired, and I am semi retired. The medical practice was sold, and the office building is still producing income and is now worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. I am in great demand for part-time patient coverage. I still use parts of this program.


Dr. Weiner's formula, strategy, office policies, procedures, and patient interactions PLUS updated information from Dr. Ricks. 


I was able to sit and talk with Dr. Weiner for hundreds of hours over those two years. He told me many stories of his past and his trips. He also gave insight into his thinking and how he handled patients. Such little things like asking a patient about their kid in college, and big things like handling a patient's office visit fee. I integrated new technology and policies into his extensive experience and created this master success membership program. It is now available for the first time because we never told other doctors our secrets! 


The Master Success Membership Program

"1,000 Patients in 100 Days" The master success program created by Alfred Ricks Jr., M.D. 

With more than 40 years in the medical profession, Dr. Ricks has gained extensive knowledge and experience in the medical and nonmedical aspects of a successful healthcare business.


He has used his education in the areas of Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Hospital Care to take care of patients in private office practices, walk-in clinics, urgent care clinics, emergency rooms, and hospitalized patients.


He has observed doctors of all personality types and their interactions with patients, other doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. From the beginning, he made note of the good, and the bad, outcomes of these various interactions.


With an inside, behind-the-scenes view of the medical profession, and someone who others justifiably felt comfortable confiding in, Dr. Ricks has collected extensive information on how to produce a medical business with all the patients you require, and it isn’t based on your medical knowledge. Basically, all physicians have good medical knowledge, but some do well and some do poorly financially in their medical business regardless of their level of knowledge.


Assembling this information, Dr. Ricks produced his Master Success Program “1,000 patients in 100 days”. This program is offered only a few times each year. 


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Specific Bonuses Included in the Membership Program May Vary Depending on Program Opening Time Period.

Thousands of dollars in FREE BONUSES are included with the membership program. They vary depending on membership offer. The bonuses alone are usually worth much more than the membership price for the "1,000 Patients in 100 Days" Program.


Some of the bonuses available are listed below. All may not be available during the next membership period. Additional or different bonuses may be added. Bonuses are only available to those continuing membership more than 30 days.

  • Bonus: Social Media Module.

    A complete social media instruction module on how to use various social media sites, from sign-up to implementation in your healthcare business.

  • Bonus: Altitude to Attitude Module.

    Learn a positive approach to healthcare. Improve your outlook. Learn proper interactions with others. Market your brand and attach a positive impression to your brand. Elevating your attitude will help your business.

  • Bonus: The Incredible Medical School Module.

    This fantasy medical school provides media to young people that are interested in the healthcare field. Some instructions such as "How to Read an EKG" are also valuable to doctors and nurses.

  • Bonus: Medical Policies, Procedures, and Forms Module.

    More than 2,000 pages of hospital policies, procedures, and forms.

  • Bonus: Medical Office Policies and Procedures Module.

    Sample pages of medical office policies and procedures. Includes valuable information on Patient Health Information Privacy Policies. Important privacy form letters and sample policies for patients, employees and business associates.

  • Bonus: Medical Clinic Employee Handbook Module.

    Sample pages of medical clinic employee handbook.

  • Bonus: DocuVisit Module.

    Forms for reviewing common chief complaints with which patients present to the office such as abdominal pain or fever.

  • Bonus: Hypertension.

    Extensive patient information on hypertension - from definitions to treatments. Also a great source for physicians.

  • Bonus: Fever in Children.

    Information for physicians and parents to use in dealing with fever in children.

  • Bonus: Medical Math.

    The basics of medical math and using it to calculate medication dosages correctly.

  • Bonus: App for Office Module.

    Your clinic can be included in an app which patient can view on their tablets and smart phones to get information and news concerning your office.

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