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1,000 Patients in 100 Days

The Master Success Program created by Alfred Ricks Jr., M.D. to improve and grow your healthcare business. Some topics contained in this program are listed below.

  • Grow Your Brand

    Brand your name and use it for everything. If your clinic has a name such as "Family Medical Clinic", answer the phone with "Dr. John Doe's office", and not with "Family Medical Clinic".

    Use your brand consistently.

  • Social Media Use

    Your patients are on social media and they look for their doctor to also be there. Which ones to use and how to you use them.


  • Web Site Content

    Your web site should contain some very specific information. There is also information that you absolutely should not have on your web site.

  • Marketing & Advertising

    Advertising is just one component of marketing. A complete marketing strategy includes public relations, media planning, services, pricing, and community involvement.


  • Finding New Patients

    There are many places to find new patients. Most of the time it only involves talking to other healthcare professionals about your services and availability.

  • And Much More...

    Bonus modules on the membership site adds extra value to the program. Additional Information continues to added.

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