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Lacerations and Suturing

  • Over 4 hours of video

    The disk contains over 4 hours of medical educational and instructional videos including 1 hour of actual suturing of a patient's hand.

  • 1 hour of hand suturing

    See the instructions taught in the video in use on a severely lacerated hand.


Lacerations and Suturing

4 Hour Instructional Video

1 Hour Hand Suturing Video

Types of Needles and Sutures

Suture Sizes and Patterns

Staples to Close Wounds

Tetanus Guidelines

Dermabond to Close Wounds

Surgical Instruments

Suture Aftercare


Suture and Staple Removal

How to Tie Suture Knots


This instructional video was produced by physicians at The Incredible Medical School.


The Incredible Medical School videos are for the general public. Educational and fun for kids and adults. Great for encouraging children’s interest in the medical field or stimulating children that are already interested in the medical field. Parents purchase these videos for their children and find themselves also using them. Perfect for science students in home schools, public schools, and colleges. Nurses and other healthcare professionals also use these videos for subjects and skills that are not taught in nursing school or to supplement subjects that are in the nursing school’s curriculum.


Great for adults wanting to learn the basics of this important medical procedure. Children interested in the medical field will find this package fun and educational. Home schools, private schools, and special magnet schools will find this package especially useful.


Although this video is not directed at nurses, medical students, and physicians, they may find this video useful. However, this video is not intended to teach medical professionals because their use of performance of this type of information and skills has to come from a certified and/or accredited person, company or institution.


Don't try to learn suturing by looking at pictures in a book. Get actual video instructions. 


Instructional 4 hour video with detailed information and demonstrations.


The Video explains and demonstrates:
    A systemic approach to wound repair.
    Tetanus guidelines.
    Suture removal times.
    Suture after care.
    Instruments for surgery.
    Types of sutures.
    Types of needles.
    Suture sizes.
    Suture patterns.
    Knot typing types and how to tie them.
    Using Dermabond™ (skin glue) to close a wound.
    Using staples to close a wound.
    Removal of sutures and staples.


Most Medical videos are directed at medical professionals (doctors, nurses, etc). Those medical videos assume medical knowledge and also come with a high price. A 30 minutes medical video can cost over $100! So... why are we able to offer so many hours of videos and membership sites at such a low price? First, we use consumer high def cameras and instead of professional production companies, we do it in-house. Set up a camera and begin teaching the topic. Editing is done on our computer. So while the videos aren't "professional", they are good, educational and the price can be kept low for the general public (which is our target audience). No exciting special effects. No high prices - Just medical educational teachings.


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Get your medical educational videos today! Topics included are great for adults in the general public as well as those in healthcare. If your child has an interest in the healthcare field (doctors, nurses, EMTs, techs, laboratory, aides) this video is just what they need to continue to stimulate that interest. Join us at The Incredible Medical School today!


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